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Visum Development Group is an Ithaca, NY-based real estate investment company, specializing in new construction and the redevelopment of residential properties. We acquire, renovate, build new, and lease with a determination to maximize returns while mitigating risks for our investors. We offer a range of luxury student housing, residential, and commercial investments including opportunistic and buy-and-hold strategies.


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Sixth month of construction on the 201 College Ave site

Case study

— 201 College Ave —

  • Build-to-hold

  • Total project cost — $10M

  • Property cash-on-cash — >7%

  • Refinanced 18 months after start of construction

  • Investor principal repaid in full upon refinancing

This 74-bedroom property is a Cornell University student apartment building located just 0.2 miles from campus. Thanks to its strategic location and superior amenities, including an upscale gym and media lounge, it was able to capture the highest end of Cornell's college town market and be 100% pre-leased during its 10-month construction period. 

In this build-to-hold, 25%-equity financed project, investor principal has been repaid in full upon refinancing, which occurred 18 after start of construction. Moreover, all investors have retained a pari-passu stake in property cash flows.


We leverage our competitive advantage of having experience in some of the most demanding markets, with amenity-rich buildings and our well-crafted opportunity evaluation and development process to identify and realize opportunities in rising urban markets with strong fundamentals.


Upscale amenities

Our projects include amenities that make the lives of our tenants convenient and enjoyable. This exceptionally well-thought-out offering is what really sets us apart within our market.


Central locations

All Visum's projects are located in dense, walkable neighborhoods. Every property in our Ithaca portfolio is, at most, a 9 minute walk from their corresponding university.


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119 S. Cayuga St., Ste. 200, Ithaca, NY, 14850